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Onboard Jersey Girl II life is lived to the fullest, enjoyed and cherished. 

Sailing to islands that are among the most beautiful in the world, the southern

California weather, and comradery of being a crew member on a yacht

combine to create a unique and empowering environment conducive to

building the life skills needed in early recovery. Sailing is relaxing, natural, and

yet can be exhilarating, and exciting. The team work required fosters

communication skills and healthy boundaries. The fulfillment of a well-

executed voyage will last a life time. 

Our way of life is one of positive reinforcement, respect and kindness. Our

staff is dedicated to providing the absolute best post inpatient rehabilitation

experience anywhere.   

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Following the Smart Recovery program, one soon finds that having fun is an important part of a balanced life. Enjoying one’s early recovery exponentially increases the likelihood of continuing on a positive, healthy life path. Motivation, encouragement and positive attitudes are the norm aboard Jersey Girl II. Amazing scenery, fun activities, beautiful destinations, and glorious days sailing await. “Amazing, relaxing, and exciting all at the same time! I’ll never forget the dolphins, I feel as free as they do”